“Our outdoor education program is a 21 day physical, mental and social challenge for learners and leaders alike. We were fortunate to consult with Judy at Odyssey in 2019 to aid in our group leadership philosophy. Her recommendations allowed us to create intimate social groups within the bigger group to foster greater understanding and cultural context between members. This allowed for richer interpersonal relationship development and left a lasting positive interconnectedness among all group members.”

– Eurico, Group Leader, John Jones Fish River Journey

“I really enjoyed Judy’s approach to outdoor education. She appreciates the complexity of running an experiential learning programme, but is still able to offer practical tips and easy to implement suggestions. The theoretical framework that has flowed from her research is an invaluable tool. It illuminates so many further avenues for growth and for leveraging these types of programmes. I wish we had had more time with Judy – I believe she could have helped us implement structures that would add a lot of value to our offering. I would highly recommend Odyssey to any institution trying to use best practice in their experiential learning programmes.”

– Laura de Lange, Maths Teacher and Outdoor Education Enthusiast

I would like to say a huge thank you to you for this wonderful research.
The recommendations you have added after each comment are extremely valuable and we will certainly go through them carefully and put as many of them into practice as possible. I am also particularly excited about doing more with the Garden Route as a World Heritage Site and giving more information to the participants around this fact
. – Outward Bound SA