Is untethered a feeling of being ungrounded, unrooted?

Or is it the freeing feeling of being unbound, unrestrained?

I guess, as with everything, it comes down to perspective. Losing my father, my stable source, at a young age left me feeling untethered; definitely more of the ungrounded, unrooted meaning of untethered. I felt as though I had lost my anchor. And throughout my life there have been times when I have felt that uncertainty, that sense of being ungrounded. Perhaps no more acutely than recently, following the untimely death of a very close friend.
The uncertainty of life.

The other side of untethered – the “not confined or restricted with a tether”, can be quite liberating. In Living Untethered, Michael Singer encourages us to untether ourselves from our egos, habitual thoughts, emotions and energy patterns that limit consciousness.

If we live a life based to our own values, we can then free ourselves from all the unnecessary ‘tethers’ that tie us down. When we commit to live tethered to our values, we are promising ourselves and those around us that we will stay true to what is important to us. And yes, losing my Dad left me feeling temporarily unstable, but reflecting on the times when I lived my life tethered to the values that he instilled in us, I felt more grounded, more at ease with who I was as a person.

There are still times when I wake with a sense of uneasiness, a restlessness, as though I am going through the motions of living, somewhat untethered, rather than living life. At times like these it is important to find a way to return to a place of feeling grounded, it is only from this place that I can see things clearly and make conscious choices.

And so when you feel untethered, find a way to ground yourself in whatever way makes sense to you: a barefoot walk on the beach, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, calming rituals, surrounding yourself with loved ones, people who make you laugh, reminding yourself that you are enough.

Untether yourself from your self-imposed limitations.
Tether yourself to your values.
Walk your why.

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